The Story of Fire and Skirmish – Chapter 2

So, weary traveler, I reckon you now want to know more of what the Shamans are up to? While I can not know their true intentions, we can, however, take a peek into their latest activities. For that I need to consult the World through this little fire we got going on here.

The Storyteller Shaman consults the Fire.

Here it is! Take a look for yourself, through the fire we will see!

I see three Shamans looking intensely at some ancient tablets. They seem to be putting together some long forgotten knowledge. There are some mysterious drawings of boxes in the background. Let’s take a closer look! Yes, there are several smaller tablets behind the two large ones. Some are with round shapes, which the Shamans are touching. I see some writing or glyphs on one of the smaller tablets, but can not make out the details…

Three Shamans at stone tablets.
Two Shamans manipulating ancient tablets.

There! Another Shaman is holding a voodoo doll. He is looking at something. Can he see us watching him? I wonder what is so special about this doll. I can see some of the tablets have axes in them. Maybe the Shamans could not get those to work? Or perhaps this is all part of some shamanic ritual… Two more Shamans, also looking at tablets, but these seem to be different ones.

Shaman holding a voodoo doll.
Two Shamans thinking.

Again a Shaman with a voodoo doll. This one seems to be contemplating about it. Perhaps the tablet next to him showed some insight into the nature of the doll?
But what is this? The last Shaman has some sort of a mask on top of a mask. And he is wielding two weird looking sticks with axes coming out of them. Oh my, this might be the fabled training device known only as HTC Vive. I did not think such a tool still existed.

A Shaman contemplating.
A Shaman training for the Skirmish.

Ahh, but now the flames have dulled. I can not peek any more into the Shamans activities right now. Although one thing is certain, this did not seem like the usual APT Game Generator battlegrounds, where the Shamans are usually seen. I think it might have been the CGVR Laboratory in the ancient place of the University of Tartu. If they have gotten such allies as that, the World is due to some major changes in the future. If they will be good or bad is known only to the Shamans.

But I think we are getting ahead of ourselves. You probably don’t know what the World even is. So take a look at this desolate place and I will tell you soon…

The desolate World.

To be continued…