Tools of trade for Skirmishers and Shamans.

Spear Trap

The best tool for a cunning Skirmisher! This trap catches unexpecting enemies by surprise as they approach a protected area, which the Skirmisher guards. Once sprung can not be unsprung. Crafting this trap is often thought to a tribol from a very young age.

Voodoo Doll

Shamans often use this doll to wreck havoc on enemy Skirmishers. For the most devastating effects the Shaman needs utmost concentration on the enemy. This can be further compromised if the Skirmisher runs around. When successfully targeted on the enemy the Shaman uses a sharp needle to poke holes in the doll and subsequently on the enemy as well.

Old Man Mask

Mask resembling an old man is worn by the most experienced Shamans. Compared to the masks worn during The Totem Game era, these new masks feature more detailed handicraft and thus share a stronger connection to the Gods. Furthermore the eyes of the mask are often blessed, which makes them glow during dark times.